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The legal practice is one of the most elite careers in our society.  It is preserved for the super-smart students who have great analytical and debating skills. The Law degree empowers students with sound principles related to the legal systems and critical tools to critically analyse interpret and apply the law in a constitutional manner.

Once a student settles on pursuing a Law degree from a particular university, they must be ready to engage in a rigorous and simulating programme that will empower them with the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes useful in this career. Due to its rigorous nature, the students must be willing to invest their time and efforts so as to be successful.

Careers in Law

Upon completing the degree, students have the option of furthering their studies so as to be admitted to the bar, joining the legal practice through the law or law-related careers or pursuing other entirely different careers.

Lawyers, also referred to as advocates are usually trained in offering legal advice and representing different clients during legal proceedings or litigations. The main reason why advocates are hired is usually to ensure the settlement is in the favour of the client.

Paralegals and legal secretaries are legal assistants who assist the advocate with other core functions such legal research and administrative duties respectively. Most times, these are usually individuals who have joined the legal practice after completing their degree only.

Judges and magistrates are legal practitioners who oversee the court proceedings and deliver their judgement at the end of the case. In delivering a judgement, they are required to analyse and interpret the law and assess the evidence provided so as to make a credible judgement.

The legal practice is governed by strict guidelines and regulations enforced by the Law Society. These regulations are usually put in place to maintain the high standards of the legal profession, hence the elitist brand.

Working as a Lawyer

There is nothing quite as thrilling and challenging as becoming and working as a lawyer. Working for law firms like Excello Law can be a great experience. Lawyers usually face a very steep learning curve in their careers. To excel, lawyers are usually required to have a perfect academic background from a respected institution.

The legal practice involves long working hours, sometimes even exceeding 50 hours in the week. Late nights and overnight travels are usually very common so as to represent the clients in their best possible capacity, leaving no stone unturned.

The main reason why most people join the legal practice is to help the weak and helpless in society to achieve the right to justice. More often than not, this involves listening to their predicaments and representing them in a court of law, hoping to get a favourable ruling.

The Salary of a Lawyer

Despite the steep learning curve and the strict academic requirements, the average lawyer salary is very competitive and attractive. Depending on the years of experience, the area of specialisation, the geographical location as well the employer, the average lawyer salary could be even higher.

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